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Examples of brand assets requiring authorization from FINQ

Finq Investments is a private company that holds a Portfolio Management License within the meaning of the Law for Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management, 1995 (hereinafter: the “Law”), and is engaged, among other things, in investment portfolio management and investment advice, which the Law defines as advising others on the profitability of investing in, holding or selling securities or financial assets with which the advisor is affiliated by virtue of Finq Investments’ affiliation with mutual funds managed by Tamir Fishman Mutual Funds Ltd. and any other mutual fund that may contract with the Company, in line with its business model. For further details, see “Full Disclosure”. The service will be provided via a digital platform where the client can subscribe to the portfolio management service. The risk level, investment policy and assessment of the client's needs will be determined using digital tools.

Nothing in the foregoing shall be construed as investment advice/marketing and/or as substitute for investment advice/marketing, and nothing in the foregoing shall be taken as a commitment to achieving any return on investment. Approval of the application and opening of the account are subject to the sole discretion of Finq Investments, in accordance with the terms stipulated in the agreement. Subscribing to the digital portfolio management service is consistent with applicable law and is intended, inter alia, to facilitate the subscription process, while maintaining the best interests of clients. Generally, the digital platform substitutes the interaction between the licensee and the Client and serves as an investment decision-making tool. There may also be, if necessary, interaction between the client and a human agent. The service is limited to Israeli resident holders of an active Israeli bank account. Withdrawal of funds takes place up to 7 business days/ The amount withdrawn will be transferred to the bank account from which the funds were transferred. The account can be opened from the age of 18, and will be limited to assets worth up to NIS 1 million. If the total assets in the account exceed such amount, the account holder will be required to be personally identified by Finq’s representatives in accordance with applicable law, and to sign, inter alia, a beneficiary declaration in person.